30th International Conference on Automobile Body Finishing

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Bollig & Kemper, a leading family corporation in the field of automotive series and plastic paints in Europe, disposes of the complete product palette for the automobile industry and their suppliers, and the intensive research and development activities supported by their own resin development and production, distinguish Bollig & Kemper from comparable competitors.
Bollig & Kemper is the only medium-sized paint producer in Europe with the complete product portfolio (e-coat, primer (powder, solvent and waterborne), functional layer, basecoats (solvent-waterborne), 1K and 2K clear-coats (solvent-waterborne)), and the only supplier with all primerless paint technologies (IPP, CCT 1k, Eco 2k).
The current key markets within the internationalization strategy of Bollig & Kemper are China and the US. With the foundation of a joint venture with Nippon Paint in Shanghai/China in July 2008, Bollig & Kemper is gaining a significant market share and is establishing a strong and competitive advantage in the Chinese automotive coating industry.
Through a strategic partnership with Nippon Paint Japan, B&K is now also a supplier of e-coat for European car manufacturers.
Nonetheless, B&K has kept an eye on other attractive emerging markets like Brazil, Russia and India, in order to participate in growth opportunities as they present themselves in these regions.